Step-by-Step Progress as a Foundation of the MasterLSAT Platform

Nate Morris LSAT
2 min readMay 25, 2023

Drawing on an extensive background in tutoring, Nate Morris focuses his entrepreneurial efforts on the online MasterLSAT platform. This platform provides a simple, step-by-step process to achieve success on the LSAT, which is a challenging test required by many law schools for entrance. Nate Morris’ MasterLSAT approach is extremely thorough, with tutorial videos covering each question-and-answer choice on all the practice tests that members work through.

The first step in this process is “diagnostic,” with students taking a full-length diagnostic test. This allows them to assess their current knowledge and skill level and create a benchmark toward further improvement. Step two is “method,” where members gain insights into general techniques that can be applied to questions across three sections.

The foundational “mastery” step involves going through logic games, logical reasoning, and reading comprehension sections, in that order. The quickest and simplest strategies for puzzling out specific questions are presented. Members apply these to actual questions that they have found troublesome on the diagnostic test, as well as to new questions.

Step four, “practice” (in tandem with the previous step), is repeated as many times as necessary, using the video walkthroughs as a constant guide. At this stage, students may also choose to access one-on-one tutoring as a way of reinforcing their base of knowledge and gaining greater confidence. Step five, “success,” involves taking the actual LSAT and gaining admission to the law school of one’s choice.