Testimonials Point to the Impact of the MasterLSAT Study Platform

Nate Morris LSAT
2 min readMay 1, 2023

With an extensive background in academic tutoring, Nate Morris has created the online MasterLSAT platform as a video-lesson resource for those planning to enter law school. On the MasterLSAT website, Nate Morris presents testimonies from those who have benefited from his one-on-one LSAT tutoring, as well as those who have used the program to pass one of the most complex and challenging standardized graduate school admissions tests.

Jessica W. Describes a pathway to success that began with lower than hoped for LSAT results and being passed over by law schools. After three months of his instruction, her score increased significantly, to a point where she was accepted into the law school of her choice the same year. Jessica commended his encouragement, as well as patient instructional style, with pride taken in ensuring that she had optimal strategies in place for answering challenging questions in a collected manner.

Having taken the test unsuccessfully, Cordie H. enrolled in MasterLSAT and described rapidly progressing from being unable to complete the test’s Logic Game section (and getting less than 50 percent of questions correct) to answering 21 out of 23 questions correctly. According to Lina D., one distinct asset of the MasterLSAT approach is the clarity and detail of explanation in the videos, which “make the correct answer jump right out.” The directness and engaging quality of the materials made her forget that she was taking an online course, as she found the experience similar to interacting with an experienced tutor in person.